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An office Xmas Party to remember

Hit or Miss

An office Xmas Party to remember

I was in a car accident Friday night.

My coworkers and I were on our way up to our staff Holiday Dinner at Sammy’s Fish Box at City Island in the Bronx. We were packed into a rented limo and the traffic was bumper to bumper. A woman driving an SUV suddenly swerved in front of us and threw on her brakes and we rear-ended her. None of us were wearing our seatbelts and I took a bit of a tumble.

Our driver had to go off in an ambulance and we were stranded on the side of the road. So, after the women (and the men) flirted with all the policemen, firemen, and EMTs who responded to the accident scene, we were given a lift in three patrol cars to a nearby bar.

When the police cars pulled up, the bar thought it was being raided. Instead, we all climbed out and we went inside for a few drinks and dinner before heading back to Manhattan in a hired van.

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Sweetie, I think you need to get out of the city for a while. Clearly this winter in Manhattan is not good for your tuchus.

TheBrad | 21 Dec 2003

Yes, my week-long visit to folks’ tomorrow comes just in time.

Matt | 21 Dec 2003

There is nothing quite like being escorted to drink by a man with a siren! *grin*

Mac | 22 Dec 2003

That’s why they call them “New York’s finest. Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday or whatever. Glad no-one was hurt.

Morrie | 23 Dec 2003

Holy! Glad to hear you’re alright.

People own SUVs in New Yor— Never mind, I answered my own question. :p

Jason | 24 Dec 2003

Wear your fucking seatbelt, at all times, forever, even in the back seat. Safety goes beyond sex, you know.

If this-all seems like a drag, I have two words for you: “Princess Diana.”

Joe Clark | 25 Dec 2003