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Catching up

Hit or Miss

Catching up

I’m behind in posting to this site because I was felled by the flu for a week and am now nursing an injured tookus after slipping and falling down some stairs in the subway. Not that any of that has kept me from living my fabulous NYC life. Here’s some of what I’ve seen or done over the past few weeks…

Urinetown (with Jeff): I still don’t see what the big deal is. I can appreciate the cast recording more now that I’ve seen it, but it was only mildly amusing. How did it manage to run so long?

The Boy From Oz (with Jeff): I may be the only person who actually likes the score to Legs Diamond, so I didn’t care for the way some of the music was repurposed for the show. But what’s not to love about Hugh Jackman and both Judy AND Liza impersonators?

Taboo (with Jeff): Not as bad as the critics said and nowhere bad enough to be another Carrie (I’m still wildly jealous Jeff saw that, but he’s shown me his Playbill). Actually, I have to admit I sort of enjoyed it — you have to give Boy George props for writing a new score instead of just reusing his hits.

Jackie Hoffman’s Hanukkah (with Mike and Dan): A fucking laugh riot. Why couldn’t I have been born Jewish?

A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant (with Dan): 8-12 year-olds singing and dancing on a carpet-lined Romper Room set about the life of L Ron Hubbard? Creepy and thought provoking.

The Triplets of Belleville (with Jeff): Quirky, yet beautiful. Reminded me of the 101 Dalmatians-era of Disney animation.

Korean Food (with Dan): I’ve sampled a lot of new cuisines since moving to NYC, but this has to be my favorite so far.

Still to come (before I retreat to rural Tennessee for the holidays), I’m finally using my $5 tickets for Wonderful Town tonight with Mike. On Sunday, I’m seeing Kiki and Herb with Sparky and Andy (whom I’ve been working with the past few weeks on an upcoming online performing arts blog for PS 122).

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I like these links!

Alexandre | 18 Dec 2003

You’re not the only person who likes the Legs Diamond score. Be proud! If you like it, lemme see yer knockers!

TheBrad | 18 Dec 2003

I still think it’s “tuchus” instead of “tookus.”

On the other hand, they both show up on Google, so maybe I’m just “behind” in my spelling knowledge.

Tin Man | 18 Dec 2003

Silly Jeff, “tookus” is the way we Gentiles spell it 😉

Matt | 18 Dec 2003

You need to go see “Wicked” and tell me about it. I need to live vicariously through big-city folk for a while…and I love the book.

dan | 19 Dec 2003

Wasn’t La Hoffman brilliant? I was crying during the therapy session.

bob | 22 Dec 2003

You're not the only person who likes the Legs Diamond score. Be proud! If you like it, lemme see yer knockers!

TheBrad | 4 Nov 2009