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QueerFilter NYC Happy Hour

Inspired by the Gothamist / 601am happy hours, I’m putting together a QueerFilter happy hour for NYC GLBT bloggers.

So far, I only have a date — Friday, January 23rd — and a co-sponsor. If you have ideas for a venue, etc, please leave a comment.

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How many people do you think you’ll get? Beauty Bar’s fun, and you can get a manicure. Other than that, it depends on neighborhood.

bob | 19 Nov 2003

Check out The Magician in the LES located at 118 Rivington. Good amount of space, early evening str8 crowd is very small, and the drinks are affordable. I go there on and off during happyhour. In terms of gay bars: The Phoenix (447 E 13th)and Nowhere (322 E 14th St)are always dead for happyhour so a group of folks meeting there should not be an issue in regards to room. Nowhere has a big amount of space and Phoenix has that side room for folks to congregate in. I have had get-togethers at Nowhere for a group I was involved in and they went well there.

diego | 19 Nov 2003

if you want to rent, Cosmo on 54th between 8-9 (or is it 9-10?) is rather small, but for $150 it’s all yours for 4 hours.

jon | 20 Nov 2003

Matt: Try seeing if Urge will open it’s basement lounge for a happy hour. It’s one of my favorite spaces, and they usually only open it later at night on the weekends. I’ve always found it comfy. If Jan. 23 is a weeknight, try The Slide, which is fairly quiet on weeknights. Chick McKinney is a fellow Young Bottoms in Love writer and, easily, the sexiest bartender in NYC.

Me | 20 Nov 2003

I would think it depends on how many mafia members will attend. The Slide may be nice because it’s large enough to hold lots of people … but also intimate enough if there aren’t too many of us … and hey, they’ve got that cool bathroom. I think it’s also possible to just spontaneously ‘take over’ the back of Urge … I’ve seen quite a few small happy hour parties there (right around the DJ booth). Hell is also a possibility … but I’ve never been there for happy hour. …

certainDisaster | 28 Nov 2003

Count this mafia member in. You should check out the party spaces @ Evelyn’s Lounge on the Upper West Side, that place is the shit! 🙂

spriteboy | 30 Nov 2003