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Extended Upcoming.org RSS Feeds

Hit or Miss

Extended Upcoming.org RSS Feeds

At long last I finally have a moment free to release the source code for the Gothamist Event Calendar (using Upcoming.org RSS feeds) I programmed. I’m really too busy to try to provide technical support for people if they try to use it, so hopefully I put enough comments in the code.

When Jake originally asked me about coding a category-sortable calendar for them, he wanted access to content that wasn’t in the “My Events” Feed (like venue map links and full event descriptions). So, Andy and I put our heads together and developed the “My Events Full” feed (Just replace the user ID in the URL with your own).

Here’s a sample event item from the “My Events Full” Feed. The additional elements are in bold.

  <title>The View from Abroad: The Journalistic Perspective</title>
  <description>Nov 17: The View from Abroad: The Journalistic Perspective at Museum of Television and Radio</description>
  <upcoming:venuename>Museum of Television and Radio</upcoming:venuename>
  <upcoming:venuemap><![CDATA[ http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?address=25 West 52nd Street between 5th and 6th Avenue&city=New York City&state=New York ]]gt;</upcoming:venuemap>
  <upcoming:description>[CDATA[ A panel of foreign journalists from various media outfits such as Al Jazeera, The BBC, allAfrica.com, and The Times of India, to name only a few, gather to discuss international views of America, the war in Iraq, and how the latter has impacted the former. Tickets, 10$/ 8$ for students, can be purchased in person Tuesday through Sunday, 12-6pm at the Museum of Television and Radio, or by phone Monday though Friday at (212) 621-6600.]]></upcoming:description>

Because Andy hasn’t added any timezone information to Upcoming.org, the starting times for events are rendered as local time in the <dc:date> element (and events with no start time are listed as 12:00:00), potentially confusing to standard date/time conversion libraries. So, we added the <upcoming:starttime> and <upcoming:endtime> elements.

Note: the <upcoming:venuelink> element is currently just pointing to the event feed url, which is an acceptable alternative until Andy gets it fixed.

Jake and I have some additional ideas about what we’d like to see implemented on upcoming.org (like event URL, price, and image fields), so I’ll post an update when/if they’re added.

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Good for you, man!

Silus Grok | 18 Nov 2003