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Die, Mommie, Die

Hit or Miss

Die, Mommie, Die

I caught Die, Mommie, Die (playing only at Loew’s 34th as part of the Sundance Film Series) yesterday with Aaron. We both appreciated the attention paid to recreating camera angles, lighting, and acting styles from women’s pictures of the 1950’s, but it was more of a chuckler than a belly laugh. Wait for it on DVD and rent Psycho Beach Party in the meantime.

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i think pyscho beach party was as well a chuckler rather than a belly laugh (I haven’t yet seen Die Mommie Die). The play is hysterical, but I really think it calls for Chicklet (is that the lead? I forget) to be played by a man. Not that Lauren Ambrose wasn’t terrific, but she’s just not Charles Busch.

jon | 13 Nov 2003