Hit or Miss

Lesson Learned

Let’s hope I’ve learned my lesson about dealing with casual sex in the future. But I’m going to try to not let that experience limit my self-expression on this weblog — even after reading about how one guy lost his job at Microsoft over a blog entry or how one woman’s blog was brought up during a tax board review.

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I hate to think that I censor myself on my site but I do. Some friends forbid me from writing about them or our shared experiences. They really are bothered by strangers knowing details about my life. Since my domain name is rather unoriginal, I am easy to find online. So, I tend to not write about certain people, work, or anything that can be used against me in a court of law 🙂

diego | 10 Nov 2003

I think burningbird was right when she said that she shouldn’t write about stuff she wouldn’t say in a group… good rule.

Silus Grok | 11 Nov 2003

I wasn’t tremendously gifted at sluttishness in the days before AIDS but meeting someone at a party struck me as downright wholesome. And the two of you even talked. Sounded like an appealing time. Pity your blogging it proved a mistake.

I’ve only had it come back to haunt me once. But I did dismiss the guy as a hypocrite and a creep.

Richard | 13 Nov 2003

oh i say go ahead an blog what you want. If whomever doesn’t like being talked about, then he should move to Minnesota. You only had nice things to say, you weren’t saying he was a whore, and you didn’t give out his real name. No harm done.

jon | 14 Nov 2003