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Urban Neverland

Hit or Miss

Urban Neverland

Off-the-island folk say things like this to New Yorkers all the time:

  • I just don’t know HOW you people live without a car. I’d be LOST without mine.
  • How do you pay all that rent every month? Don’t you feel like you having nothing to show for your money?
  • You paid $15 for a cocktail? That’s crazy!

But, what they’ve missed is that living in NYC is the pre-eminent Peter Pan lifestyle. It is the ultimate my-parents-are-out-of-town-lets-have-a-big-kegger kind of existence. In The Big Apple, being single and owning little of value allows you to extend your adolescence indefinitely. Some may call this existence shallow. Others may call it vapid, immature, and pointless. But you’re all just jealous because I’m having more fun than you.

And after only 4 short months in NYC, I wholeheartedly agree. I may have moved to New York to be an adult, but I’m enjoying being a kid again.

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i agree, after living in nyc for 29 years, i still find little crevices that i havent discovered yet.
once i went to north carolina for 1 week, and found i would never complain about ny again.

Miss Existentialist | 9 Nov 2003