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Plans for Queerfilter.com

Hit or Miss

Plans for Queerfilter.com

Before moving to the city, I had almost come to the conclusion that my GLBT Weblog list was kind of an anachronism. I mean, the whole weblog world is pretty post gay. Who cares who’s straight or gay online anymore?

But as I begin to make my way through the gay blogger dating pool of the greater-New York metro area, I realize I’ve got to do something to keep my name/weblog in the public consciousness, so I’m planning a major new project.

All kidding aside, I’ve been inspired by the new Localfeeds site. My previous attempts to create a Gay-metafilter failed because, let’s face it, gay bloggers are pretty narcissistic and self-centered and most don’t want to take the time to post anywhere else. The challenge is to make an automatic collection of gay weblog posts, and the answer is XML syndication. Stay tuned…

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Regarding the queer weblog list: keep it. It’s still a useful resource; you never know who needs to see it. Kids in the process of coming out looking for peers on the web is the one example that immediately springs to mind for me, but I’m sure there’re others.

Regarding gay bloggers’ narcissism: daaaaaaaaamn! No, seriously, for my part, I never became a regular Web Queeries poster after a while because I *couldn’t log in*. But that’s my own laziness for not emailing you and letting you know. Nowadays I have time to maintain my own weblog, and that’s about it. But yeah, I can see it, and I’ve definitely been guilty.

Regarding the new gaypostfeedthinger: That sounds pretty neat. I’m curious to see what you do with that!

(And as a personal aside, yes, I got your email, but after four years of doing this, I’m still the worst in responding to email. Ach.)

Jason | 17 Oct 2003

Have you thought of using postping.cgi – it’s sort of like a mini-radio.weblogs.com – it could create an aggregate blog. Though I can’t imagine anything more self-involved than everybody linking to everybody else in one big stroke-fest. Cheers!

Andy | 17 Oct 2003

But I guess that’d be the Daily Crawl feature I just noticed. Sorry! Haven’t read up on ya in a while…

Andy | 17 Oct 2003

I’m with Jason. Do you really believe we’re all narcissistic and self centred. I hope not. For most of us who blog, gay or straight I think its just a matter of “reach and touch”, and take me as I am.

Morrie | 18 Oct 2003

I guess a lot of bloggers in general are narcissistic and self-centered — otherwise, why would they take the time to blog? But I definitely see that taking place in the GLBT blogging world. I think it’s also often a function of age… that’s how I’d characterize many of the younger bloggers (many of whom are writing more journalistic pages than link-focused blogs).

Matt | 18 Oct 2003

that’s how I’d characterize many of the younger bloggers

I think I’d agree with that one. When you first start blogging it’s easy to get very diary and journal focused. I found I started like that and then went way over to the linkfilter side and then settled into a happy medium of self-revelation/exploration and pointing out gleanings from the web. It really is a treat to read someone’s blog over months or even years to see how their perspective of things (and themselves) changes. I started off as an introverted super-geek then a club-crazy partyboy and ended up a more mature gymbunny with politically liberal leanings.

Andy | 18 Oct 2003

This narcissistic and self-centered gay blogger wants you to maintain queerfilter.com and would support any of your endeavors that would lead people to my blog.

Seriously, I discovered queerfilter about a week ago and added my blog to the listing, which has generated a healthy number of hits on my blog. I see what you mean by the blogosphere being post-gay but a GLBT “filter” still makes sense because most of us still live in a physical world that is very much “pre-gay.” Consider that not all of us live in culturally progressive cities in North America or Western Europe.

So kudos to you for doing this. As for posting on other sites, it’s often a matter of time. Blogging involves not only researching and formulating your own posts but also reading and responding to other blogs. Since I gotta spend most of my day working for a living this ain’t easy.


aslam karachiwala | 18 Oct 2003

I actively browse and visit Queerfilters new additions and recently updated gay weblogs. While I’ve been out since I figured it out in 1972, plenty of people aren’t.

They live in nowhere and benefit from ready discovery of sympathetic, empathetic weblogs.

Richard Evans Lee | 3 Nov 2003

“…let’s face it, gay bloggers are pretty narcissistic and self-centered and most don’t want to take the time to post anywhere else”…

LYD’s mini-blog | 17 Oct 2003