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Forward IMs to your cellphone

Got a cellphone capable of recieving text messages? Grab the latest version of AIM and then register your phone number. When you’re not logged in, IMs will go to your cellphone instead.

This is so cool I can’t believe I haven’t seen it posted everywhere. Isn’t anyone using AIM anymore? (via Left In Front).

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Yahoo has instant messaging via the cell as well as AIM.

Billy | 20 Oct 2003

Users on MSN and Hotmail can do this as well. You tell it your cellphone number and it’ll handle sending you IM text when it senses you’re offline. You can also control who’s allowed to use it.

Bill Kearney | 22 Oct 2003

do u hav 2 b an american online user to get this? cuz i hav aim wit optimum online.

Nadine | 12 Nov 2003