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Open House NY

Hit or Miss

Open House NY

The Tinman and I spent Saturday traipsing around the city, visiting sites on the Open House NY tour. The OHNY maps were hard to read and the Tinman and I hadn’t really planned out in advance what we wanted to see, so we only made it to four locations.

NYC2012 @ One Liberty Plaza: the headquarters for NY’s Olympic Bid. Lots of interesting maps and models. I can’t imagine how much of a logistical nightmare it would be to bring the Olympics here. Just the president visiting the UN for one morning is enough to bring the streets to a halt.

The High Line

The High Line: it’s not open to the public, so we only got to look at it from a neighboring roof.

Mixed Greens: art gallery/office with an incredible wrap-around view of the city. There was a cool exhibit of life-size medicine cabinet photos.

Tenri Cultural Institute of New York: where the Tinman displayed his ability to read Japanese, which inspired us to finish the day with sushi at Japonica.

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After embarrassing myself with the chopsticks, the Tinman sent along this tutorial on how to use them.

Matt | 13 Oct 2003

You certainly didn’t embarrass yourself — you did get them to work somehow. It was cute. 🙂

Tin Man | 13 Oct 2003