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Let’s get physical

Hit or Miss

Let’s get physical

I rather impulsively joined a gym this afternoon. I’d been wanting to start exercising again and when the guy at the gym around the corner offered a great deal, I figured that if I didn’t snatch it I’d never get around to signing up anywhere else.

I got my first workout (a humorous term for what is basically always just 30 minutes of cardio for me) in this evening, and I’m pretty happy with the availability of machines and the music selection. Mike asked me if was a gay gym, but it’s really just a mix of serious meathead lifters and pasty 30/40-somethings. So no distractions from my workout.

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So which one are you? The serious meathead lifter or the pasty 30/40 something. I’d be betting the 1st after a coupla weeks.

Morrie | 23 Sep 2003

Please. I’m more the pasty one-more-year-to-thirty type.

Now I’m kind of sad I didn’t join a “gay” gym. But I don’t think there are any down here in the Financial District, so I can’t complain.

Matt | 23 Sep 2003