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Out on the town

Hit or Miss

Out on the town

Had a fine time at the Gothamist/601am Happy Hour last night. It seems that the cure for my social anxiety is prodigious amounts of alcohol.

The Remote Lounge is kind of lame in a “Cabaret meets the Jetsons” way, but it was cool to see all the photos when I got home. Here’s a picture of the adorable hosts, Jen and Aaron.

Spent a good part of the evening hanging with the hysterical Matt (pic), playing the “guess which Matt is straight/gay” game. Lordy, if there weren’t so many eligible bachelors here in NYC, I would waste so much time having a crush on him. Fortunately for me, there are plenty of cute guys out there.

It was pretty loud, so I didn’t catch most of the urls flying by; but I do know I met Choire, Andrew, Heidi, as well as seeing Anil & Alaina again. I also sat next to some flirty lesbians (pic), who kept flashing their bras at the cameras.

And I learned a very valuable party tip: when you throw the party, you can kiss anyone and everyone. And you don’t have to wear underwear.

More photos of the night from rion.nu.

And now I’m spending Friday night at home alone.

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Good on ya. Too much happiness. Glad you had a good time.

Morrie | 21 Sep 2003

Thanks for coming, Matt. See, social anxiety has quick and easy cures…

Jen | 21 Sep 2003

You weren’t wearing underwear? We have so much in common.

Choire | 22 Sep 2003

Matt- Nice to meetcha! thanks for the nod.

Heidi | 24 Sep 2003