Hit or Miss

Another year wiser

Another birthday (29th) has come and past. The people in my department obviously weren’t paying attention to the staff birthday calendar, because it came and went without any mention during our staff meeting on the actual day itself. But that’s cool. Like I need any reminders of my passing youth.

And yet, I do. I’ve always been one of those people who worries about preparing for the furture without enjoying the present. So I should be celebrating the last year of my 20s. And, I should be celebrating the fact that my life is relatively stable, if unadventurous (moving to New York aside), and that I’ll finally be a grownup.

So, taking a lead from nyctales.blogspot.com, I’ve put a count-down clock on the front page. Right now, it’s only marking the days until my 30th birthday — I’m not so obsessive as to count the minutes and seconds (yet).

…of course, what really make me feel old is that my baby brother, Andrew, just went out for drinks on his 21st birthday.

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Oh man… and I was so proud of myself wishing you well on the 7th.


Well happy birthday (again)!

: )

Silus Grok | 18 Sep 2003

Er, the 9th, I mean.

Silus Grok | 18 Sep 2003

Hey, don’t let it stress ya…I’m 28 and still haven’t even ever had a birthday party. The perils of being born 4 days and 1976 years after Baby Jesus.

Kevin | 19 Sep 2003

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Matty, Happy Birthday to you! I had a couple for you today! Keep your head up and keep reachin’ for the stars (a bit like an afterschool special, i know), but NYC will surely get better! 🙂

Shannon | 19 Sep 2003

Hey Matt, happy belated. Maybe I’ll add that counter to mine, too. Like Kevin, my birthday falls in December, so I always got the “we cant afford a party, it’s too close to Christmas!” response when I asked for one. Now I just mostly ignore birthdays.

Gigamatt | 19 Sep 2003

As they sing in the song:
“So have a Happy Birthday baby, may all your dreams come true, especially for you, etc etc.
Your mantra this weekend will be “Hey Dude, Where’s My Cake”.

Morrie | 19 Sep 2003

Happy birthday, Matt!!! Woo-hoo!!! How can you be anything but CRAZY EXCITED that it is your birthday, friend?!! And that you *are* 29! Living in the present does not mean counting down to the future!!! Stop thinking about next year and concentrate on the birthday that you haven’t yet celebrated… live it up in NYC, give your staff a guilt trip so they throw you an extra large party with fabulous gifts, and just plain enjoy! In the spirit of things, I plan to have a drink to celebrate for you this very morning! 😉

Bird | 19 Sep 2003

Happy birthday, Matt! (Hey, does this also mean that 40 is the new 30?)

Chuck | 19 Sep 2003

Happy Birthday! 29 huh? That must be scary. My 22nd was just about the most depressing b-day ever. I’m mean who cares if you’re 22. It’s the first b-day that matters not.

Colin Palmer | 21 Sep 2003