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Wet Hot American Summer

Hit or Miss

Wet Hot American Summer

Since it’s one of Mike‘s favorite movies, we went to a special midnight showing of Wet Hot American Summer on Friday. Well, Rocky Horror it is not.

The “cast members appearing live” turned out to be writers Michael Showalter and David Wain and a few no-name extras (no Amy Poehler or Michael Ian Black, who are in the city but were probably busy with Pretty in Pink). The costume contest was truly bizarre, featuring homemade t-shirts and one girl dressed as “the bag of cocaine” (but no “can of mixed vegetables”). Mike remarked that it was the whitest audience he’d ever seen in New York (I saw exactly one black man) and we were definitely at the higher end of the age spectrum (most seemed to be high school students).

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I want *so* badly to like this movie–yet I’ve watched it twice and still think it’s one of the most unfunny “comedies” I’ve ever seen (there are funny moments, but the wasted potential of the entire enterprise diminishes their impact). Am I missing something? I’m pretty smart–I think–and I love summer camp movies (from MEATBALLS to NBC’s POISON IVY starring Michael J. Fox and Nancy McKeon)–should I just be trying harder to “get” it? What’s my problem?

Maybe I should ask my students…

Max | 1 Sep 2003

this is one of my favorite movies. absolutely on my top 10. and anything with mr. meloni… slurp.

vic | 2 Sep 2003

Matt- Long time no talk. When I saw this post, I thought you might find it interesting to know that this movie was filmed at the summer camp that I worked at last year. Camp Towanda (http://www.camptowanda.com) is located outside of Honesdale, PA. Our camp director was not so proud of this bit of trivia, and after I watched the movie I found out why! Hope the NYC is treating you well!

Mike | 4 Sep 2003