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Hit or Miss


According to my archives today is the 4th birthday for my weblog (but if you read entry #1, it looks like I must have written a few previous posts that have been lost to the ether). What is 4 in blogs years? Like 40 or 50 years?

Once again I heap praise upon Cam and Brad, whose weblogs I first ran across and inspired me to start my own.

Blogging for me has always been more of a technical exercise (a chance to futz around programming my own CMS or fawning over TiVo), but now that I’ve moved to MoveableType (and more importantly, moved to New York City), hopefully more worthwhile content will start to show up around here… that is, if I can remember to start carrying around my digital camera and stop whining about how stressful my job is.

The birthday of this weblog always reminds me that my own birthday is right around the corner (Sept 9).

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Wow, I had no idea all our big dates were so close together. Not only did I have my own 4th Blog anniversary a couple of weeks ago, but my birthday is the day before yours. I suspect another invitation to tea is in order.

Sparky | 26 Aug 2003

Happy blogbirthday Matt, likewise Sparky. May there be many more.

Morrie | 26 Aug 2003

Happy Blogday, and here’s to many more in the NYC era!

Kevin | 27 Aug 2003