Hit or Miss

My first Kottke sighting

I’m positive that I saw Jason Kottke waiting for a train in the subway this morning. If I hadn’t been trying to hurry along my staff to the first day of RA training, I totally would have stopped and asked for his autograph.

Updated: Jason wrote back that he was at that station at that time, so it probably was him.

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What station and what time? It could have been me…but I don’t know if I waited for the train at all this morning. It might have been one of those dash down the stairs run on the train just before the doors snap shut kind of morning.

jkottke | 13 Aug 2003

That’s the difference (or a difference) between you and me, Matt — you mention Kottke and he leaves you a comment less than a day later. And hell, I’ve even met the guy….

Mike B | 14 Aug 2003

Doesn’t this belong on Gawker Stalker?

Anil | 14 Aug 2003

I was wearing my Kottke disguise that morning, so it could have been me.

Cam | 19 Aug 2003

Kottke Errors and Sightings
The concept that you can thrown in a couple of words and get an instant and qualified set of pages…

Third Superpower | 15 Aug 2003