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The Moveable Type Era

Hit or Miss

The Moveable Type Era

At long last I’m off blogspot and back on a new web host, Myacen (whom I’ve been pretty happy with so far).

But I miss running my own server. I never really had it running that efficiently, but it was all mine and I could do anything with it I wanted to. Now I’m having to go back and rewrite all my scripts so they don’t use up too much bandwidth, or make too many SQL calls, etc.

In that vein, I’ve had to give up running my own custom CMS. Moveable Type seems like a decent alternative so far (I’ve got to keep checking out all the plugins), but I miss some of the things I could do with my own CMS — like automatic image thumbnails and response emails to people who wrote comments on my blog.

Half my motivation for blogging before was so I could keep tweaking the features of my CMS. Without it, I’m experiencing fewer impulses to post. Add to that the recent increase in my work load, the distractions of living in NYC, and the usual summer doldrums, and it’s frankly amazing I could finally will myself to write this entry at all.

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Will you repost the Daily Crawl info? I’ve had a few people ask me about it in #joiito.

Anita Rowland | 31 Jul 2003

Yeah, I’ve got it back up and running at the old address. Very soon I want to write a new, improved version of the dailycrawl script (that will still use the old data file format).

Matt | 1 Aug 2003

Welcome to MT, Matt. I think people have created a lot of the features you want, which is one of the nice little perks of using a tool that other people are developing for. Saves ya having to write all the code yourself. Lemme know if you have any questions.

And the new site looks great!

Anil Dash | 2 Aug 2003

I’m about to go the other way, and I’m a tad nervous about it. I’ve run a personal server for personal data for a while, but never had a public site on it. I have faith in my abilities to keep out hackers and such, but if I accidentally make something popular, all of my email and personal web will suffer, not to mention my broadband access. Hearing that lots of people I read have had reasonable success running blogs, personal email, and other projects over a DSL line is a comforting glimmer of hope.

I’m also about to switch to MT, if only because I’ve decided to foresake PHP and attempt to specialize in Perl. It lacks some features that I hope to add, but I don’t know yet if it’ll be feasable to write them in a redistributable way. I’m going to miss my custom PHP-based CMS that I wrote in the same afternoon I learned PHP. (I might even miss PHP, we’ll see. 🙂

Best of luck in NYC!

BrainDan | 4 Aug 2003