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Searching for a web host

Since it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to host my website on my own server anymore (New School won’t let me through the campus firewall), I’m looking for a web host.

I can’t believe how many different feature sets and pricing structures there are out there. Mike recommended Myacen, which looks great except that they don’t have telnet/shell access (I’m too much of unix junkie to be happy without it). Basically, I’m looking for Perl, PHP, MySQL, telnet/shell access, cron jobs, and support for 2 or more separate domains.

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Obligatory plug for Pair.com: a little spendy ($29 per month; but 24% off a year through July, plus no setup for new clients) but worth every penny.

TheBrad | 23 Jul 2003

I’ve been beyond happy with Pair Networks. They have telnet/shell access and all the other things you asked for, and they keep adding more features, expanding the amount of disk space and bandwidth allowed per account, without raising the prices. Check them out.

Chuck | 23 Jul 2003

My site is hosted with PowWeb. Their main selling point is that they charge $7.77 per month. I’ve been with them for two and a half years, and I’ve been pretty happy with their service. Despite the slogan “the perfect hosting solution,” they’re not perfect. They’ve had some growing pains as they make continual, incremental upgrades to their system, but they’re probably no less reliable than many more expensive hosts. A more accurate slogan would be “a very decent hosting solution at a very attractive price.”

Ted | 23 Jul 2003

Hiya Matt! So glad to hear NYC is so exciting for you. I want to come and visit!
I use iPowerWeb as do many of my blogging friends. Cheap, wide range of services, lots of space. A good deal methinks.

MP | 24 Jul 2003

I host 5 domains over at phpwebhosting.com. I’ve rarely had issues, but when I do, they’re usually doing “maintenance”. They give you everything you want and more (“unlimited space” and unrestricted bandwidth, etc). Now, I know one of their servers catastrophically failed last year, and they don’t back things up. But, they’re supercheap. PHP, mySQL, perl, ssh, etc etc etc… And at $9.95 I don’t care so much if something fails.

Gigamatt | 24 Jul 2003