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The two week mark

Hit or Miss

The two week mark

It’s been two weeks since I moved to NYC and so far my fabulous New York life has been a dud.

I thought I’d be living the high life, experiencing art and culture; but most of the time has been spent shopping for innocuous items like laundry detergent and socks. My new futon was finally delivered today (after the delivery men unloaded the first one at the wrong apartment building and then accidentally dropped it down an elevator shaft yesterday — don’t ask).

I’ve given up on the idea of having a hip, suave NYC bachelor pad — I’m too much of a cheapskate and at this point I’ll be happy just finding certain items for purchase, let alone attractive ones. Currently, I’m looking for an inexpensive, basic black TV cart on casters so I can wheel my TV/TiVo back and forth between my living room and bedroom.

As far as my job is concerned… it’s too early to tell. Managing this apartment building is going to be a significantly different experience than what I’ve done in the past — and I’ll probably be better for it even if it may not have been quite what I was looking for.

What’s not really surprising is how alone I feel. Like Sondheim wrote, NYC can be a city of strangers. There’s an unbelievable number of hot, impossibly cool guys of every stripe around, but I haven’t got the first clue how to go about meeting them. I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with Mike, but it would be nice to have a few friends in my neighborhood (unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like a whole lot of people live in the Wall St area).

All in all, I’m not sorry that I moved here. The alternative would have found me just as sad and alone in northern Wisconsin right now. At least here, I can get Thai food next door.

UPDATE: Okay, so maybe my life isn’t so dull after all. I’m wildly excited about seeing David Yazbek on Wednesday night at The Zipper. Word is he’s debuting songs from his upcoming album and his new musicial version of DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS.

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I’ll chime in with “give it time” advice as well. When I moved to Los Angeles — another megalopolis — I was 20 years old and had rarely set foot outside Louisiana except for summer vacations. It took a little while for me to get my bearings and meet people; in fact, it was probably a few months at least before things got fabulous. You’ll get there.

Chuck | 22 Jul 2003

Give it some time. It took me at least a couple months at to find my niche in Chicago, but once I found it, it just got better and better.

New York is a huge place, no one can conquer it in two weeks.

Jason | 22 Jul 2003

Ditto…it takes a few weeks to establish a healthy relationship with the anomie pervading this place. Don’t give up hope yet.

Kevin | 22 Jul 2003

For the bachelor pad, try Craigslist. There is usually a lot of good, fairly inexpensive furniture for sale. I’ve gotten some good stuff.

Crash | 23 Jul 2003

It took me a little while (and a little loneliness) when I got here at first, too. But I just passed 6 years here and never want to leave, so it does definitely get better.

Anil | 23 Jul 2003

I sympathize about the wall street area. I just moved to UWS from across the street from Battery Park. Good luck with the bachelor pad attempts. The key to a good bachelor pad is the proper location of furniture so that you accentuate your audio visual system.

NYC is not as dire as Sondheim leads you to believe. The poor guy lives in turtle bay, so have some pity.

jon collins | 25 Jul 2003