Hit or Miss


PVRBlog. Matt Haughey has created a great new TiVo / PVR weblog. Some of the recent choice links include a review of TiVo’s closed-captioning handling for deaf people (I watch every show with CC on so I can fast-forward past the slow parts and read the dialog) and a report on how gay people are twice as likely to own TiVos (it seems like every gay blogger I read has one, which is soon to include Mike).

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Matt, once TypePad supports multiple authors, I’d love to give you posting rights on the site, if you feel like droping some TiVo news bits, reviewing a product, or sharing a hack. You were one of the first people I thought of when setting the site up to ask as a contributor.

Matt Haughey | 18 Jul 2003
Lefty | 20 Jul 2003