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Hit or Miss


Using Yahoo Maps to try to find the locations of different businesses in NY (in relation to my apartment), I’ve realized that a killer web application would be a mapping service that would plan out your trip including which subway terminals and lines to use.

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Matt, my name is Kate, and I will be the graduate assistant in charge of the Collins LLC Library this year. I stumbled across your blog while looking for info on Collins. Just wanted to say hello.

Kate | 16 Jul 2003

If you’ve got a Palm handheld, check out Vindigo which is invaluable for finding things when you’re in a strange part of town. It has closest subway stations and walking directions.

Also, Metro allows you to plug in two stops and get the best way to connect, etc.

If you don’t have a Palm, hmmmm… you’ll figure it out eventually. Give it some time. (I’m still getting lost after two years *grin*)

Good luck, Aaron

Aaron@601am | 16 Jul 2003

great. now i’m humming “new york, new york”. (waves from arizona, yeah, that’s me over here!)

Jay | 17 Jul 2003

You can also try the subway locator which is good, but not great. The key is to understand which line is closest to you, the midtown and downtown crossing lines, and which are the major streets on the surface that correspond to subway stops. From those three bits of knowledge, you can extrapolate your way around most of Manhattan.

Anil Dash | 17 Jul 2003

HopStop.com: Door to door NYC directions, including subway and bus routes. Only about a year and a half late for helping me learn my way around New York. No Comments […]

hitormiss.org: HopStop.com | 23 Nov 2004