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Out to lunch

Hit or Miss

Out to lunch

So far, I’ve only been to a couple of restaurants (to break the monotony of peanut butter sandwiches and ramen).

Burritoville: All natural ingredients, made fresh everyday (or so they say). Actually quite tasty, customizable, and pretty cheap.

Daikichi Sushi: Relatively inexpensive and only 2 or 3 blocks away. I think it’ll make a great lunch stop.

Lemongrass Grill: I think this is the one I went to with Mike on Saturday. It’s actually a chain around the city (including right next door to my residence hall). I haven’t had a lot of Thai before, but I’m eager to sample more.

Sadly, the “restaurant” I’ve frequented the most since moving here a week ago is Burger King. There’s one up from the Sushi place on Broadway where you can get a Whopper Jr. meal for only $3.25 with tax (the cheapest meal I’ve been able to find in NYC).

On the list of places to hit in the near future: Pret a Manger, Rice, and Peanut Butter & Co.

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I’ve been to Pret many times in the UK. It’s my favorite chain sandwich shop. Try the prawn and dill (not available at all Prets in the US).

TheBrad | 16 Jul 2003

Every time I go to Peanut Butter I get the same thing: crunchy with raspberry preserves on white. Perhaps I’m stuck in a rut.

Mike B | 16 Jul 2003

Nancy the Nutritionsist says “Spend Less Time in Burger King, More Time In Lemon Grass”.

Morrie | 16 Jul 2003

I’m not a big fan of Pret a Manger — I’m still too much of a New Yorker, spoiled by all the delis, to accept pre-made sandwiches. Rice is exceptionally yummy. For other very specific food treats, you should Grilled Cheese on Ludlow St.

Sparky | 16 Jul 2003

Ain’t the city great? Any food you want, even if it’s a PB&J, has a restaurant that is more or less dedicated to it. My guilty pleasure is Dawgs on the Park in the East Village (on 7th St. near Ave. B, I believe). EAting one of their corndogs is like being in elementary school again.

Crash | 16 Jul 2003

We love going to Say Cheese! on 9th avenue in midtown’s hell kitchen where restaurants abound. This tiny restaurant has all kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches you can think of! Yum!

ST and EA | 17 Jul 2003

Dood, ring me up some time and we’ll go to Chinatown and get you five dumplings for a dollar. Sure, there are better dumplings in town, but how else can you gorge yourself for two dollars?

Anil Dash | 17 Jul 2003

We gotta get you out to Jackson Heights for some great Colombian food. There’s also a great Indian restaurant along Indian Row in Jackson Heights too. Astoria – great for Greek food. You’ll also have to check out Smith Street in brooklyn. It has a great restaurant row. In a rush, try Kati Rolls on McDoughal Street in the village…my suggestion: the Chicken Tika. Yum.

Farid | 20 Jul 2003

Zen Palate’s pretty good, if you’re into vegan asian food. There’s one in Union Square and another on the UWS.

Kevin | 21 Jul 2003