Hit or Miss

Magazine subscriptions

Changing all my magazine subscriptions today really reinforces the reality of my moving to New York. There’s so much to do beyond simply packing.

Packing has commenced, but there’s a long road ahead. And, I’m realizing what I’ll probably want to buy at Walmart and ship up before leaving (new shower curtain, lightweight plastic plates, Glade plug-in refills, etc).

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They do have grocery stores in NYC.. and probably a target somewhere on the train line… hee hee!

Shannon | 1 Jul 2003

But I’ll bet they don’t have a Walmart … stock up for cheap while you can!

Chuck | 1 Jul 2003

Congrats again! As I said in my e-mail I can think of two K-Marts in Manhattan offhand, and we have plenty of Duane Reades (pharmacies) and the like. No Target, although I think they’re putting one near Times Square. A Best Buy just opened in Chelsea, and most other stores are readily available. There’s also an IKEA in nearby Elizabeth, NJ, that delivers.

Kevin | 1 Jul 2003
Zeebah | 7 Jul 2003