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Hit or Miss

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Hoping for a repeat of three years ago, I stolled into my local bookstore around 11:55 pm Friday to pick up the new Harry Potter book. However, this time the entire store was packed. I waited in line for 50 minutes and got one of the last of the 300 copies they had in stock. The next day I found out Walmart put it on sale at 11pm for $2 cheaper.

But is the book any good? I think I’m more aware this time of the limits imposed by the young adult novel format. I wanted to slap Harry upside the head for being such a whiny little brat throughout the book. But then an amazing amount of backstory exposition was squeezed into the last chapter, so I’m now of course eagerly awaiting the next novel.

P.S. – why the hell is the original novel being released in Latin? What next, Esperanto?

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I wanted to slap Harry upside the head for being such a whiny little brat throughout the book.

He’s fifteen. They’re all like that. (Well, almost all.)

As for the Latin … well, if I were in high school and required to take Latin for four years (like several of my friends were at Jesuit High School in New Orleans), I’d be fairly desperate for some reading material that wasn’t written fifteen centuries ago.

Esperanto is probably not next, but I wouldn’t be surprised by a Klingon edition.

Chuck | 23 Jun 2003

As a Latin teacher, I’ll just say that the translation of Sorcerer’s Stone was done for the reason that Chuck mentioned: to give Latin students something fun to read. I’m sure that the translator and publisher went to Rowling/Bloomsbury/Scholastic asking if they could publish a Latin translation, not the other way around.

I’m also looking forward to Book 6. Gosh, it’ll be when: 2006?

Bill | 23 Jun 2003

*Anonymous comment edited to remove spoiler*

Anonymous | 25 Jun 2003

Why did the Anonymous Coward leave such a huge stinking spoiler? Matt, I’d consider removing that comment, given the fact that not necessarily everyone will have read the book in the first few days.

Chuck | 26 Jun 2003

thank you very much, i’m only on chapter 5 and now awfully agitated.

Jay | 27 Jun 2003

A lot of fans limited their web-surfing until they’d read the book. I did. Spoilers are everywhere these days.

Manda | 28 Jun 2003

You said: “backstory exposition”. Spoken like a true Librarian. Or English major.

MP | 29 Jun 2003