Hit or Miss

Third time’s the charm.

The airline called today to inform me that my flight to New York tomorrow (for a job interview) was canceled. My options were either leaving today at 4:22pm (it was 1pm when I got the message) or tomorrow at 4:22pm instead. This is now the second time that a flight to NY has been canceled on me. A more superstitious person than I might think some higher power is trying to tell me to give up on the idea of living/working in New York, but I chose instead to believe that this third scheduled flight to NY will be the one to work out.

Fortunately, I was able to rearrange my plans (I’ll meet up with Mike on Wednesday instead of Tuesday) and I’ll arrive tomorrow at 10pm instead of 4:45pm. I wasn’t planning on doing any sightseeing anyway — I want to be focused on giving the best interview I can.

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Good luck, Matt! I’ll bet you are so hired.

MP | 20 Jun 2003

Good luck Matt. I hope you get it.

Andy | 24 Jun 2003