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Hit or Miss

TiVo’s running a promotion now where your friends and family can get a $50 discount on a TiVo (with the creepiest Flash animation ever). So they piped this lame, super low budget infomercial about it onto our machines — which was redeemed only by an amusing portrayal of the ultimate TiVo fanatic couple, whose house is completely decked out in TiVo paraphernalia.

Anyway, if I ever have a front yard I’m going to trim my hedges like this.

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Heh…is it sad that I laughed out loud at that infomercial? “And this is our dog, Beep-Boop!”

Chris | 14 Jun 2003

Yeah, that was a fun touch. Actually, I never make the TiVo sounds outloud, because all my friends imitate the TiVo to make fun of my obsession. I’ve actually thrown people out of my apartment for pointing at the TiVo and beep-boop-ing instead of asking me to fast forward past commercials.

Matt | 14 Jun 2003