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Hit or Miss

Two Students Charged In Seton Hall Fire. It took almost 4 years, but the students who set the fire (and later tried to cover it up) are now charged and face upward of 30 years in prison. The New York Times has an interesting article about how the suspects all grew up in the same town and were widely rumored across campus to be responsible. Finally, the Grand Jury is recommending that New Jersey adopt new furniture flammability standards (a previous bill defeated in 1994 might have saved the lives of the three students who died in the fire).

As a Hall Director, my worst nightmare is a fire or tornado attacking my building. I’ve already seen one residence hall I lived in (as an undergrad) burn beyond repair. I’m pretty confident about the disaster plans we have in place, but I hope I never have to put them into use.

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Please just remember. . .Innocent until proven guilty!

Anonymous | 16 Jun 2003