Hit or Miss

It’s a hell of a town.

I’m struggling to come down off Cloud Nine! I was invited today to fly out to New York City next Tuesday-Thursday and interview for a Residence Hall Director position (at a great school you might not guess has residence halls). They want someone to start by the end of June, so they’ll be making a decision pretty quickly — I could find myself having to pack and move in quite a hurry.

Fortunately, I did a lot of research over December / January planning my vacation to New York City (that was canceled), so I have a head start on figuring out where to fly in, how to get downtown, etc. But any and all other advice is welcome and appreciated!

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Advice? Hmm…let’s see. Bronx=up. Battery=down. People ride in: hole in the ground. 😉

And if it’s the school I’m thinking of, you’re gonna soar, baby!

TheBrad | 10 Jun 2003

Woohoo! Good luck, Matt!

Chuck | 10 Jun 2003

Fingers still crosseed. Give em Hell, Harry.

Morrie | 10 Jun 2003

Here’s to hoping you get the job. New York could use some more bloggers. 😛

Cam | 11 Jun 2003

Hey, hope you get the job! Particularly if you’re talking about the same school I’m attending these days.

Kevin | 11 Jun 2003

Wow! How exciting is that? 😀

Jason | 12 Jun 2003

Go get ’em Matt! Your days will surely be filled, but if you happen to walk by, peep Dylan’s Candy Bar. Great sweet sutff, PEZ galore and the cutest little t-shirts.

Michael | 13 Jun 2003

Don’t do it. NYC is a cesspool, and not in the good way.

Todd | 13 Jun 2003