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Keen Eddie

Keen Eddie. Sure, it’s formulaic, but it’s got the reasonably good looking Mark Valley (who I remembered from the short lived Pasadena, meaning this show will probably get cancelled as well) and Julian Rhind-Tutt (who I enjoyed in my 2nd favorite British series Reckless). It’s worth a summer TiVo season pass as least.

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This is a surprisingly good show. Great production values, quirky humor, decent music. The cast is top-notch, esp the women. Much has already been written about Sienna Miller so I’ll put in a good word for Rachael Buckley, who plays the enigmatic secretary Eddie refers to as “Moneypenny.” The running gag is that Eddie imagines she’s coming on to him, although no one else ever sees it. A good lead-in to that other clever Fox series, “Lucky.”

Gary | 12 Jun 2003

This sucks!!! This show had so much potential! The British/American humor, an investigative story line, and the sexual tension between Eddie and Fiona. A show with a twist that was so refreshing. It was so nice to see Eddie’s character be caring, yet determined. What am I going to do without this show. Do the people who so loved this show not count? Please respond. Thanks, Keen Patsy

Patsy Sherman | 3 Sep 2003

I didn’t even know it was cancelled until it just STOPPED COMING ON. What the???? It was a fantastic show. That fact that it was replaced by crap like The O.C. just shows where FOX is headed.

Mike Turner | 25 Sep 2003

I just heard that Keen Eddie will be shown on the Bravo channel in 2004 – can it be true? I adore Julian Rhind-Tutt, I can’t wait to see the whole series!!

Marie | 10 Oct 2003

Yes – Bravo is currently working out a deal with Parmount to purchase the whole 1st season, including the unaired episodes. The major disappointment, however, is that the series is still “cancelled” and I’ve heard of no plans by any network to pick it up for a 2nd season.

It’s too bad – it was an EXCELLENT show.

denise harrington | 30 Oct 2003

One more bit of info – the series is also set for DVD release.

denise | 30 Oct 2003