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Hit or Miss

Condoms in schools not linked to teen sex rate. Great. Now maybe we convince our university to let us distribute condoms in the residence halls.

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Why is it important to be able to distribute condoms in the residence halls? It’s called walgreens.

Jayson Franklin | 29 May 2003

Well, since the sex rate doesn’t change based on the availability of condoms, it can’t hurt to make them as available as possible to help control both disease and unwanted pregnancy.

If sturdy bicycle helmets could be made as cheaply and with as little material as a condom, would anyone object to making those freely available to bike owners?

Mark | 31 May 2003

But you forget that not everyone believes that premarital sex is as benign as strolling down the lane on a huffy. I’d liken it morally to handing out free ladders to peeping toms. “Well if they’re gonna spy, we want them to do it safely! No more falling out of trees.” I’m reminded of being moved by the speech that Donna gave on 90210. “If you tell your kids not to go into the pool when you’re around, they’re just going to do it anyways. You have to put up a safety fence.” Both Donna and I missed the point at the time, swimming is a grave moral evil. I would prefer that my “tuition” money not be a part of someone elses lust protection. My point is this, I really don’t think very many of those opposed to passing out condoms in the dorms will be moved by this study. Keep the faith, however.

Jayson Franklin | 31 May 2003

I don’t care about buying condoms for students — we just wanted to have condom machines in the restrooms (remember Jayson — we had those in Collins at IU) so they’d be accessible for residents. However, Truman is super conservative, so when we recieved boxes of free product samples this past spring to pass out to residents, we had to remove the condoms from all 3000 boxes before passing them out.

Matt | 31 May 2003

I do remember those Matthew. I guess I was confused when you said,

“….let us distribute condoms in the residence halls.”

Sorry for my confusion sir.


Jayson Franklin | 1 Jun 2003