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Hit or Miss


So my blog is listed on Blogshares, but I’ve never understood the way the stock market works so I can’t even begin how it can translate to weblogs.

Some are trying to manipulate the system by giving away shares in their blog in exchange for links (to drive up the price of their shares?). How long will it be before there are blog indexes? A Dow Jones of tech blogs? A S&P500 of war blogs?

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I did some buying of blogs I like while it was in beta, but I haven’t paid much attention since they reset and went live. Mild curiousity is about my level of interest.

Anita Rowland | 9 May 2003

I claimed all my blogs and sold the 1,000 free shares in each. Just for the hell of it. Now I’m done with blogshares.

I also corrected the name of my personal weblog so the few folks who owned “Richard Evans Lee’s Online Journal” woke up to discover they were holding shares in “Pansexual Sodomite.”

Richard Evans Lee | 26 May 2003