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Why TiVo Owners Can’t Shut Up

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Why TiVo Owners Can’t Shut Up

Why TiVo Owners Can’t Shut Up.

“You come home every night and think `What did TiVo do today?’ It’s like a pet.”

Or, as all my friends say, TiVo is like my boyfriend. Probably the reason I’m so hopelessly single.

Still, the article nails me pretty good. But they left out all the TiVo-branded crap I own: the t-shirts, hat, window decals, stuffed animal… I still need to order the beach towel and metal lunchbox.

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TiVo is a great idea – just the hardware is crap.

I’m on my second Hughes Direct TiVo recorder (first one lasted 6 months and totally died — the second lasted almost 2 months).

Problem is you can’t watch anything live or anythinh you have recorded. So your TV is dead.

Don’t waste your money on Hughes Direct TiVo – Their hardware platform is junk.


Bill Ward | 19 Oct 2003