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Hit or Miss

In case there was any doubt I’m gay…

Melissa: Matt, are you TiVoing the Cher concert tonight?

Me: Of course, though I’ll probably just watch it on fast-forward so I can see her outfits.

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Our TiVo failed to record it, listing as its excuse that it failed to find a signal from the satellite, which almost never happens and which must have happened at the very moment TiVo tried to start the record.

Oh well.

Chuck | 9 Apr 2003

We saw the Cher concert when she was in Tucson this February. Everything was the same, except I think she sounded better here instead of Miami. Her merchandise was way overpriced. $35 for a hat? $150 for a jacket?

Jay | 12 Apr 2003

TiVo, no fair!

casey | 14 Apr 2003