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New frames

New frames. A year had gone by since my last eye appointment, so I got my eyes checked this week and then went back today with my friends Morgan and Mark to pick out new frames. It’s so hard to see what the frames look like in the mirror without my presciption lenses, so I took my new digital camera.

Here’s what we ultimately decided upon. I would have prefered another pair of retro-chunky-plastic frames (since I’ll be moving out to the hip East Coast), but they didn’t have a lot to choose from because wireframes are “in” again this season. Morgan’s choice were cool in the front, but had weird temple pieces. And my favorite shaped glasses were only available in weird colors like translucent blue or green.

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When you get to NY, you’ll have to check out the eyeware for sale here.

But bring the heartburn medication: these babies aren’t cheap. Or inexpensive.

vis10n | 24 Mar 2003

Très chic!

Chuck | 24 Mar 2003

Totally indy. Lookin’ good man!

Chris | 25 Mar 2003

WOW, Matt!!! You hottie…

Todd | 7 Apr 2003

[…] Picking out new frames is always a pain in the ass, especially if you can't see further than your nose without prescription lenses. I've previously brought along friends for advice and a digital camera to help me see what I look like in different frames, but Matt Jacobs has fused the two by creating a Flickr photo set of potential frames to gather feedback from his friends (Go Web 2.0!!!). April 22, 2006 | Tags: technology […]

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