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Trip canceled.

Hit or Miss

Trip canceled.

My flight to St. Louis (to catch my connecting flight to NY) took off this morning and then promptly sat back down on the runway. Engine problems. Since this is the only plane that flies out of Kirksville, my trip is effectively canceled.

Given my extreme level of nervousness going into the trip, I’m now fighting off alternating waves of regret and relief. This is the kind of thing that has kept me from ever planning a vacation before, so it’ll probably be 10 more years before I consider taking one again.

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Oh man! I am so sorry.

Don’t let it get you down, though… get back up on that horse!

vis10n | 25 Feb 2003

aw. baby. that sucks. by why not just drive to STL? I never fly out of these little regional airports. too unreliable. and scary.

david | 28 Feb 2003