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Hit or Miss

I really try not to be vain – I stopped cutting the gray hairs out of my goatee because nowadays there wouldn’t be much hair leftover. But I’m actually considering trying Just for Men facial hair coloring.

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Hair coloring contains a variety of chemicals that aren’t good for your skin (and may even be carcinogenic). So I wouldn’t recommend it. I have a similar problem with a graying beard, but I don’t worry about it. Any time someone (including my parents) suggest that I might be happier and look better if I shaved, I simply tell them that I have earned each and every gray hair.

Ted | 20 Feb 2003

If you posted some pics, we could give better input. 🙂 But in general, I’m also in the don’t-worry-about-it camp. You’re already pretty stud-a-riffic as it is.

Chris | 21 Feb 2003

You do whatever you want to do and think will be good for you. Don’t put rules on yourself. Live and be happy.

Reese | 21 Feb 2003