Hit or Miss


AllOutGames.com. I’m used to people spamming my GLBT Weblog List, looking for one more place to promote their (non-gay) weblog or commercial venture. Color me surprised today when I started to delete the latest link, a video game news site, and discovered that its mission is too provide a safe haven for gays and other minorities to escape the hate speech and homophobia that prevades much of the gaming community. Pretty cool!

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Another gaymers website that I frequent on a regular basis is the gamers experimentations website at http://gamers.experimentations.org. I don’t really consider the site you posted a gay site, but it’s pretty gay-friendly (for a gamer site, which can be pretty homophobic, usually.)

Ernie | 11 Feb 2003

We started out as a “gay gamer” site but expanded it to be more inclusive and tolerance-based. However, the site is gay-owned and some of our staff and many of our forum members are gay. We have special features including a “pride” forum and an advice column that often deals with gay issues. Come and hang out… I guarantee you won’t be hassled because of who you are.

DuckFat | 14 Feb 2003