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Hit or Miss

Help protect gay students in Missouri. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender kids are among the most harassed, intimidated, and discriminated against group in Missouri’s schools. Many schools do precious little to protect LGBT kids, but occasionally, a school board will vote to include sexual orientation in the groups protected from discrimination in their schools.

House Bill 239, sponsored by Larry Morris (R-Springfield), would prohibit school boards from adopting a non-discrimination policy that is more inclusive than state and federal law without a vote of the district. You can see this bill and get more information online.

This bill would make it much more difficult for local communities to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and teachers. House Bill 239 has been assigned to the House Committee on Education, chaired by Rep. Jane Cunningham (R-St. Louis County).


  1. Forward this message to others in Missouri.
  2. Send a message to Rep. Jane Cunningham in opposition to HB 239. Go to the Take Action section of the PROMO website for an easy way to send your email message.
  3. If your state representative is a member of the Education Committee, contact him or her as well. To find out who your state rep is, go to the state web site and follow the directions there.

    The House Education Committee Members are here. Clicking on any member’s name will take you to their home page, where you will find phone, email and U.S. mail contact information.

Thanks to Brad for the heads up (i.e. his weblog entry that I basically plagiarized).