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LG LX5350

Hit or Miss

LG LX5350

LG LX5350. Since I need my own cellphone for my upcoming trip to NYC and (hopefully many) job interviews, I broke down and went to Radio Shack today, determined to shut down the “Consumer Reports” part of my brain that is never satisfied with any product or service. Fortunately, the LG LX5350 was on sale for $50 with activation, so the “thift” part of my brain managed to win.

It’s one of those new swanky color, web-enabled phones, so I signed up for the unlimited Sprint PCS-Vision plan. I haven’t managed to get the text-messaging part to work yet, but the web browser was able to show my weblog, including some CSS formatting (giving me some ideas about creating a mobile version of this site especially for PDAs and phones).

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become available for immediate order and shipping for exisiting Sprint customers. Since I my old Sprint cellphone is still active (even though I primarily use my work cellphone), I wa […]

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