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Blog “Scandal.”

Hit or Miss

Blog “Scandal.”

As mentioned on Mike’s blog, people are up in arms because “fag hag” blogger Min Jung wound up nominated for GLBT Blogger of the Year.

For the record, I don’t think Min Jung should have been eligible for the category, but I really have no one to blame but myself. Nikolai, who runs the Bloggies, has for the last 3 years pointed to my GLBT Weblog List as the pool of candidate for the category. When Min Jung submitted her blog to the list on 2003-01-03, I almost deleted it (as I have other straight-but-not-narrow bloggers), but I got busy and then forgot about it.

I’m choosing to delete it from the list now, because it’s my list and I can whatever the hell I want.

If I even end up voting for the Bloggies (which I think are silly) at all, I’ll be voting for Brad Graham, who was my weblog’s root.

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Good grief Charlie Brown, That’s some list!

Morrie | 24 Jan 2003

Hiya. Just a quick note to say howdy. I think you have a great list of blogs that rightfully should be included in your list. I don’t mind your removal at all and completely respect your opinions/decisions regarding this entirely odd and confused debacle known as the bloggies.

FYI: I was encouraged by my friends, gay bloggers, to nominate myself for the GLBT platform. I did not originate this plan. In fact, I didn’t even nominate myself but others did. Honest Asian. And that’s all I can pretty much state regarding the matter that I haven’t already shared elsewhere.

Min Jung

Min Jung | 24 Jan 2003

I’m with you, Matt — I think it’s silly too. All this hoo-hah is partly why I ignore almost all awards, especially anything Internet- or weblog-related. In the grand scheme of things, what does it matter?

I don’t mean to demean Nikolai, who seems like a great guy, but this is just something cooked up for fun by one college student and with completely unregulated voting (i.e., lots of ballot box-stuffing potential) by the Teeming Unwashed Masses. It doesn’t seem like it’s worth getting bent out of shape over.

The only awards I pay attention to are the Oscars, and then only because it’s an excuse to throw a party, cook good food, and have friends over to eat, drink cocktails and dish on all the expensive bad clothes the celebs wear. (I still can’t get over that dead animal Björk was wearing …)

Hey, Brad was one of my weblog’s roots too — we’re siblings! I am the bastard child of Brad Graham and Cameron Barrett…

Chuck | 24 Jan 2003