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The United States Has Gone Mad

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The United States Has Gone Mad

The United States Has Gone Mad. “Last Friday a friend of mine in California drove to his local supermarket with a sticker on his car saying: ‘Peace is also Patriotic’. It was gone by the time he’d finished shopping.”

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I wanted a bumpersticker that says “United my Ass”, but then thought better of it: the country is still mourning–which is exactly why we’re in this mess. Bush is taking advantage of the collective inattention to work his bad mojo.

vis10n | 15 Jan 2003

I’ve been having to use AOL at work for testing, and I find it to be a sad reminder of what the average, middle america consumer thinks of things.

Yesterday or the day before there was a poll on the AOL Welcome screen that asked where you stood on the war against Iraq.

36% of people were strongly in favor of attacking, 20-something percent were in favor of attacking, third was strongly opposed with 21%, and with less then 20% was opposed to attacking.

I wish I had the numbers, but it’s not in the poll archive.

As for yesterday’s poll. It was asking about approval of how President Bush is handling his job:

37% strongly approve
32% Strongly disapprove
16% disapprove
14% approve
1% no opinion

Jamison | 15 Jan 2003

I’m honestly surprised that the percentage of people opposed to Bush was so high. Even here on a supposed liberal college campus, I’m surrounded by an alarming number of pro-war & Bush students.

Matt | 15 Jan 2003

But like Alan Jackson said, “We’ll stick a boot in your ass, it’s the American Way.”
*hangs head in disappointment in the average american citizen*

Z-Gar | 20 Jan 2003