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Convert LPs to audio files

Convert LPs to audio files. Since I’m trying to reduce the physical size of my recording collection, I’ve been trying to dub all my records onto CD. But the process of splitting up an entire lp side into separate tracks kept slowing me down. Now, thanks to this program, it’s as simple of dragging a bar across the screen.

Now I can enjoy my out-of-print Danny O’Keefe records.

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I use it all the time, Matt–usually to break up my continuous mixes (I could do it as I mix, but this lets me be really precise). I’ve also used it to extract “samples” out of longer songs. It’s a great program.

Max | 14 Jan 2003

My friends swear by RipVinyl. I haven’t yet used it, but supposedly it splits tracks where it hears a sufficient pause. Thanks for the tip about cdwave.

Gigamatt | 21 Jan 2003