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Hit or Miss


I’ll be the first to admit that I have a habit of obsessing over new fads and then giving them up quickly and that my closet is littered with plenty of discarded projects (x10 modules, LEGO Mindstorms kits, etc).

My latest fascination is the ukulele. I’ve always wanted to be able to play an instrument that I could just pick up and sing along with. I never managed to pick up the guitar, bass guitar, or piano in college — my fingers were just a little too short (but I played clarinet and saxophone for 13 years, so I’m not just “musically challenged”). Somehow I’ve gotten it in my head that with only 4 strings and a smaller neck I could learn to play the ukulele instead.

So, I’m checking out Ukulele World, Ukulele Boogaloo, and Mark Frauenfelder’s Ukelele blog. Update: one guy’s experience learning to play the ukukele.

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You should pick up the new George Harrison album “Brainwashed”, if for no other reason than to hear him playing ukulele and singing “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”. Gorgeous.

Chuck | 13 Jan 2003

What?! This seems to be a random choice… maybe next you should think of the washboard, the jaw harp, or the banjo. You could be your own one-man band… that could really go far in NYC! 🙂

Shannon | 15 Jan 2003

Matt, I had no idea that you dreamed of being a musician… why, then, did you never chime in with Shannon or me when we were being web-cast on hit-or-miss… ah, yes! Those dark dark days during mid-year training, karoking in your room while the rest of Collins virtually looked on!! 🙂

Bertie | 15 Jan 2003

Being your Hawaii friend. I want to make sure you pronounce the word correctly. The phonetic spelling as close as I can get it is oo-ka-lay-lay not you-ka-lay-lay as many people pronounce it.

Sam | 18 Jan 2003