Hit or Miss


AllMyLifeForSale.com. Guy sells EVERYTHING he owns on Ebay, visits some of the buyers, and then writes a book about it.

After hearing him talk on NPR the other day, I can understand the complusion. No matter if I move next year to New York with only a suitcase or break down and buy myself a SUV capable of pulling a UHAUL trailer to yet another sleepy, rural Midwestern town, I need to seriously reduce the amount of crap I own (to say nothing of the boxes and boxes still in my parents’ basement).

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I think he may want to sell a few items to pay for his bandwith too.

bwallach | 30 Nov 2002

i really think that what u r doing is great! i mean it must be amazing to trvle around the world! but i like the picture of uand maybe we could get together! (just as friends) but also i saw something about u on mtv and ur life story was amazing!

brittney | 28 May 2003


jay castleman | 3 Jun 2003