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Hit or Miss


I was randomly trolling around on the T-Mobile website today and noticed that Kirksville is now on their coverage map (a small red dot surrounded by vast sea of non-coverage). I rang up their 1-800 number to confirm that that it wasn’t my eyes playing tricks on me and lo and behold their reptold me that I can now get a Sidekick in my town. I can barely contain myself as I surf around for the best price…

Update: I ordered a Sidekick from Amazon for $99 (after rebates) and it should arrive on Monday or Tuesday. If it turns out that their customer service rep lied to me, I’m going to be one unhappy camper.

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First off… HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope you’re spending it with loved ones.

Second… I wonder if the folks at t-mobile are specifically targetting college towns. It would be interesting to see whether other oasises of connectivity are centered around universities and the like. Hm…

vis10n | 28 Nov 2002