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Happy National Coming Out Day

Happy National Coming Out Day. I’ve now been out professionally and to my friends for 7 years. Still working on telling my parents. Although the fact that my mom somehow found my Amazon wishlist and ordered me a birthday present from it should be a tipoff to her…

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My word, yes… if she saw your Amazon list, she’s gotta know!

vis10n | 11 Oct 2002

Don’t I remember something about you writing a letter to them a couple of years ago? What came of that?

Chris | 11 Oct 2002

I just had a look at it myself. Good God! Any man who likes show tunes that much and isn’t Jewish obviously must be gay (even if you don’t notice the “gay men’s fiction” anthology).

Could it perhaps be possible that your mother figured it out some time ago, and has either accepted you or decided not to mention it?

Ted | 12 Oct 2002

I did send them an email 3 years ago that they never acknowledged. I’m sure they have to know by now, and I’ve just been waiting for them to bring it up. But it’s probably my uncomfortness with the subject (then knowing) that’s kept us from talking about it.

Matt | 12 Oct 2002

I must admit that I straghtened up my wish list just before christmas before I sent the link to my father.

david | 13 Oct 2002