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The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy

The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy. An interactive map showing the regional distribution of pop vs. soda. Also includes the identifier I grew up with in the South, i.e. “coke” [fury.org].

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When I was a child in Mexico the word “limonada” (lemonade) was the word used for “soda”. In Texas in Tex-Mex we call it “soda”. My wife is from Texas and she doesn’t say “dishtowel” since “cup towel” is the expression that she prefers. I looked up “cuptowel” in search engine and found thirteen references. There were 15,800 for dishtowel.

john saunders | 17 Sep 2002

You’re my soda reference librarian hero, Matt.

Panchesco | 17 Sep 2002