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Happy Birthday to Hit or Miss.

Hit or Miss

Happy Birthday to Hit or Miss.

Yet again, I let the birthday of my weblog slip by unnoticed (how did I ever find time originally at the start of an academic year?). I’ve now been blogging (if you can call the crap I usually write that) for 3 years. And again, I’d like to send props to Brad and Cam, who inspired me to start my own weblog in the first place.

Running a weblog has always been more to me about pushing the limits of my programming knowledge than any real interest in writing or commentary, but I’ve also “met” some really nice people over the past 3 years through my blogging interaction; and for that I am truly grateful.

The anniverary of my weblog also means my own birthday is coming up… On Monday (the 9th), I turn 28 — meaning that I am now 10 years older than the freshmen in the residence hall I’m in charge of. I can still remember thinking that the 25-year-old Hall Director of my freshmen dorm was ancient, so I can only imagine what my students today must think of me…

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Hooray! Three years of the web sucking less! WOOT! ;D

Jason | 6 Sep 2002