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An Experiment in AudioBlogging

An Experiment in AudioBlogging. Some new discussion is centering around “audioblogging” (i.e. vocal recordings of blog entries). I always chuckle when I see something being seriously discussed and analyzed that was originally just a blogging gimmick a season or two ago.

One of the important things to point out is the need to provide alternative representations of your audio content for non-hearing people (kind of like “alt” tags for images — something I sheepishly admit I did not do in my one audio entry). On the other hand, I try to make my site as accessible to non-sighted people as possible — and I’ve had a 1-800 telephone version of my blog for over a year and a half now…

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Is it you reading the blog?

JennyinLondon | 2 Sep 2002

In which? In the audio entry mentioned above (about the pronunciation of “Missouri”) is me (albeit, with a cold). The telephone version of my weblog is powered by Tellme.com and is a mix of audio clips recorded by me and text-to-voice synthesis.

Matt | 2 Sep 2002

Okies I was baffled, as it seems you do so much already, was wondering how you also fit this in.

JennyinLondon | 3 Sep 2002