Hit or Miss

Affirmative Inaction

Affirmative Inaction. “The War on Drugs never came to my college dorm. Not because of insufficient enemies in sight – for indeed there were plenty – but rather because the drug war has rarely ever made its way to the cloistered residences of mostly white, well-off private school co-eds. Too busy busting the black and brown in the lower ninth ward of New Orleans, I guess, to make a stop Uptown, where the Tulane freshmen on the 8th floor of Monroe Hall were busy filling up two foot bong chambers with pot smoke, and then inhaling until our eyes rolled back in our heads.”

This may have been the case a few years ago (goodness knows my fraternity never got in trouble for all its pot use), but I feel like drug use on college campuses is being taken more seriously nowadays. Getting caught with marijuana at my insitution results in immediate explusion from campus housing. But the writer is correct that minorities still remain too large a share of the arrests and prosecutions… [randomwalks.com]